A cure for hangovers

Sometimes a hangover is worth it.

Simon Theodor Selvik owns and runs three of the coolest bars in Bergen: No Stress, The Tasting Room and Vaskeriet. He has lived through one or two proper hangovers, and shares gladly with you his best tips for survival:

  1. Have sex
  2. Have a late breakfast of spanish omelet or two fried eggs with (at least two streaks of) bacon.
  3. If this doesn’t do it for you, or if you don´t have access to sex or food – you just have to get to work, try this: Mix equal amounts of rosé wine and Red Bull in a glass filled with ice. Now drink it.

You have probably been there, at the grocery store, sometime around mid day (only you have no idea what time it is), with mascara smeared under your eyes and yesterdays fun reeking of your breath. Shivering hands reaching for a cold coke as you master a smile. Yesterday was worth it.

Still. If you can relieve some of the discomfort, you will. Hence the cold coke. Your body uses huge amounts of energy to burn off alcohol. To deal with nausea, head aches, dehydration, an upset stomach and dizziness it is therefore an advantage to add lots of calories and some aspirin. Some people swear to fat, others to more alcohol. What you choose is up to you, but any physician will tell you that none of these methods work well. Alcohol is toxic, so adding more will make you worse in the long run, even if it does in fact relieve some of the discomfort temporarily. Fat will give you heartburn and make it harder for your body to burn off the alcohol. The doctor orders water and light food.

We don’t always listen to good advice. Here’s a few remedies that we like:

Bloddy Healthy
2 red beets
¼ honeydew melon
1 handful parsley
1 piece of ginger
1 lime
1 ss honey

Squeeze the lime and put the juice in a blender with everything else, and mix until smooth. Add some water if you think its too thick. Serve over ice.

Cold lemonstock with a sting
2 dl stock (cold)
½ ts black pepper
1 lemon
4 cl vodka

Mix everything and serve over ice. Or drop the vodka.

Bloody Mary
4 cl vodka
6 cl tomato juice
Worcestershire sauce
Celery salt and black pepper to taste

Mix well, adjust to taste and serve in a chilled glass with a stick of celery. Make it a virgin by avoiding the vodka. Tastes just as nice and does better.

Asian fixer drink
1 egg
1 lime
1 ss honey
1 ts ginger
1 handful ice cubes
Mineral water

Mix egg, lime juice, honey and ginger in a blender with the ice until it is frothy. Pour into a glass and top with mineral water.



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