About Rosemary

Rosemary Deerhunter is a complex woman. A housewife and feminist. Hot and cold. High and low. Feminine and masculine. She is a mother, lover and partygirl who enjoy life to the fullest. She is hungry, and will always go for seconds. She is constantly hunting for the next great story, the newest product, the most mesmerizing image, the best place to eat, drink, sleep and shop. She is constantly craving knowledge and wisdom and most of all… she likes to share.

By her side (or a step behind) stands Mr. Deerhunter, a man of many trades. He loves the wilderness as much as the city. He is sensitive, but robust. Both smart and naïve. Curious and enlightened. He hugs trees when no one watches, and eats and drinks with both hands, preferably things he has picked, gathered or made himself. He also likes to share.

Rosemary and the deerhunters is an online magazine for everyone who loves food and drink as much as Rosemary and Mr. Deerhunter. Here you will find the latest news, newest products, best recipes, coolest wines and your favorite cocktails. You can read featured articles, watch beautiful images and enjoy the voices of the different contributors. Rosemary and the deerhunters is a creative playground for people working in the fields of arts, politics, culture, environment, music and architecture, as well as the hospitality business and food and drink related fields. Rosemary and the deerhunters treats food and drink as something that touches everything and anything. Hope you will enjoy it.