And the winner is…

…Mathias Alsén. Get a taste of his magic!

Foto: Nadin Martinuzzi

Mathias Alsén, a good friend of Rosemary and the deerhunters, won the Bacardi Legacy Nordic Finals 2015 and will represent Norway in the Global Finals in Sydney, Australia on May 3rd. You can get the recipe for the winning cocktail Turning Leaves in this video or visit Mathias at Brooms & Hatches, located in First Hotel Grims Grenka, and get him to make you one. Mathias wanted his drink to be light and fresh so that it would appeal to everyone.
– The cocktail is easy to make with ingredients available all over the world. At the same time the drink is complex and unique which makes it interesting and original. The name Turning Leaves is a tribute to the history of Bacardi as a company that is a pioneer in the business, always moving forward being innovative and ground-breaking, tells the Norwegian champion.
He also contributed in the book “Pjolter – den norske cocktailrevolusjonen” and here is a couple of recipes created by this talented bartender. Cheers!




Smokin’ grandma
4 cl calvados, preferably Coeur de lion selection
1 cl gin, preferably Tanqueray dry
2-3 bar spoons cloudberry jam
1,5 cl lemon juice
2 cl apple juice
1,5 cl simple syrup
1 dash Angostura bitters
birch smoke

Shake the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Double strain it over in a tea pot. Fill the tea pot with smoke from birch wood chips and serve.




The wild duck (non alcholic)
1 bit of ginger
ca. 12 blueberries
4 cl lemon juice
3,5-4 cl simple syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
ginger ale

Have sliced ginger and blueberries in a shaker and crush with a muddler. Shake with lemon juice, syrup, bitters and ice. Double strain into a longdrink glass with ice and top with ginger ale.


You can get the recipe for the smoking drink on top in this weeks issue of Vi Menn (uke 5) and read more about Brooms & Hatches over at Oslo Folk Collective.

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