Art on a bottle


Foto: Catharina Hauglie-Hanssen

What’s inside a bottle of wine can be a piece of art in itself, but an artwork gracing the label brings even more to it. It can be both good and bad.

In my teens I admit to be fascinated by the Spanish artist Joan Miró. It was before I attended art school and most likely do to some posters hanging on the walls of our home. Right after I turned eighteen I received a bottle of red wine with a label featuring a Miró artwork. I new less about wine than art back then (but no, it was not the 1969 Château Mouton Rothschild), but I was convinced that this had to be a great wine, one of those you could store for a long time. The bottle moved around with me for many years, of course stored in all the wrong places, and was probably opened at a nachspiel in my late twenties without leaving an impression other than a wage memory of bad tasting wine.

But having an artist label grace your wine doesn’t mean that the wine needs to be shit. Georg Breuer has every year for the last 35 years had a different artist create an artwork for their top wine, Berg Schlossberg Riesling. See all the labels here. The label for the 2013 vintage is for the first time created by a Norwegian artist, Synøve Dyrkorn. Winemaker Theresa Breuer and Synøve wandered the steep vineyard Berg Schlossberg in Rheingau, Germany, to collect inspiration for the painting. The painting was inspired by the terrior, the vines, the colors, smell, taste and sound of those walks.
– It was an inspiring meeting, both with the people, the area and the wine. The painting is called 1031, which is the year of a law passed in Schlossberg, declaring all available land to be used for wine growing, says the artist.
– This is my interpretation of the beautiful vineyards of Georg Breuer.

15AL0020_WThe 2013 Berg Schlossberg will be launched in May, but is still young and needs five to ten years to reach its potential, according to Theresa. Add it to your art collection, look at it from time to time, but be sure to store it the right way. And please, don’t do the same mistake as I did and drink your treasured wine at the end of a long night. It deserves more than that. If you want to enjoy great wine right away, Theresa tells us to pick up the 2009 vintage (magnum) which is just starting to reach perfection. With this wine she herself enjoys pork.

– Being German it is nothing like roasted porkbelly with crackeling skin or suckeling pig to go with great riesling. On the side I choose root vegetables which will bring out the earthiness of the wine.

The 2009 vintage is only available through spesialbestilling, but the 2010/2011 is available right now.

Georg Breuer Berg Schlossberg Riesling 2010/11, 12,5 % vol.
varenr. 9627701, kr. 473,90
100 % riesling
Håndplukkede druer, tradisjonell vinifikasjon, lagring på tyske eikefat i ca. 12 måneder og så videre på flaske. Generelt høyt syrenivå. Elegant, rik og fruktig. Eple og sitrus med anslag av petrolium. Lang ettersmak.


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