Channel orange


After a trip to Tuscany with extremely limited access to wi-fi – we simply had to fall in love with Frank Oceans album “Channel Orange” – it was all we had. “Channel Orange” became the soundtrack of the countless hours of driving through the green hillsides delicately sprinkled with bright orange poppy flowers, so much so I can almost smell the Italian countryside when listening to it still. We also played it on repeat during the continuous hours of preparing delicious lunches and dinners in the 18th century stone mansion that is Villa Thybo. When we returned to Oslo, the album quickly became an inexpensive time travel device back to Italy, and now we play it as naturally as we pour ourselves generous glasses of Italian red wine when preparing for large – or small – dinners in our beautiful Nordic style kitchen. My work, absurd as it might seem to most people, is simply listening to music from 9-5, and then talking about it on the radio afterwards. And just like a professional chef will turn to the simplest perfection when eating outside of the restaurant kitchen, I happily rely on this modern masterpiece when listening to music “after work”.

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