Dark dreams

What happens when a food stylist and food photographer are asked to visualize a series of jewelry? Check out Monster being served up!

Idea, styling and food: Monica B. Sjøli/Sporenstrek Photo: Klaudia Iga Pérès Jewelry: Sophia Brand

We were inspired to create a dark and mysterious environment for the beautiful jewelry made by Sophia Brand. We wanted to get a dark glam feeling by making a contrast between rusty metal table tops, old french props and modern nordic design. The idea to put food into the mix came naturally as an element of surprise and suspense for the viewer. The jewelry collection Monster is available at sophiabrand.com


Dark Dreams_01

Dark Dreams_02

Dark Dreams_03

Dark Dreams_04

Dark Dreams_05

Dark Dreams_07

Dark Dreams_08

Dark Dreams_09

Dark Dreams_10

Dark Dreams_11 



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