4 favorites in Gothenburg

What and where to eat and drink in Gothenburg right now.

By the canal lies one of the city´s oldest favorite restaurants, Fiskekrogen. This January they opened Bifångst, a small restaurant inside the restaurant. Behind the concept is Fiskekrogens Lars Ahlström and chef José Cerdá from Hoze, who describes the menu as modern Nordic with Mediterranean and Japanese influences. The name has dual meaning as “bifångst” both refers to the restaurant within the restaurant and to the by-catch of seafood often influencing the menu. When I was there you could only sit by the bar, but now there are more room. You can choose between 8 and 15 course menus.

Lilla torget 1, 411 18 Göteborg


The sushi restaurant Hoze by the harbor, not far from Michelin-starred Sjømagasinet, is in itself worth the trip to Gothenburg. There is only room for 6 people at the time, and you are seated at the bar, where chef José Cerdá makes all the food in front of you. When I visited there was no alcohol served, but water worked surprisingly well. At the time there are only one seating, at 19 pm with omakase (chefs choice). I really enjoyed Hoze, and the White guide recently nominated the restaurant as the Food experience of the year. Book your seat by email, and make sure you arrive on time, otherwise you loose your spot.

Stigbergsliden 17, 414 63 Göteborg



Bar Centro
Not far from the Dome Church you find Bar Centro, one of Gothenburg’s original coffee bars. Aficionados have drunk their coffee here for 15 years now. From 5 pm the place is transformed from coffee bar to restaurant, they serve traditional food and only natural wine. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, you are welcome to drop by for a glass of wine or four. The menu varies every day, and in the summer you can sit outside on the pavement. If you are lucky, they serve the amazing wine Gabrio Binis Serragghia.

Kyrkogatan 31, 411 08 Göteborg



Hotel Avalon Bar
I normally don´t do hotel bars, but at Avalon Hotel by Kungstorget downtown they make the most amazing cocktails. The service is great and everyone feels at home right away. Enjoy a classic negroni or an original drink made specially for you. Expensive, but worth it.

Kungstorget 9, 411 17 Göteborg


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