Food for the ears

Let me introduce you to the fantastic world of women and food… and some tasty podcasts!

Cherry Bombe is a beautifully designed biannual publication that celebrates women and food. Issue no 4 is out now, so order it here. But in between waiting for the printed issues you can listen to Radio Cherry Bombe. This great podcast brings the pages of the magazine to life. Even though you don’t always know who these women are, the passion and hunger is so inspiring so do listen.

I will also recommend some other great podcasts about food and eating. Check out The dinner party download about culture, food and conversation designed to help you win the next dinner party, The sporkful – it’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters, The splendid table – getting people excited about food, Spilled milk where they pick a food-related topic and run with it as far as possible, and Eat your words – inside the cookbooks you just want to eat up.

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