Music for eating



These tunes will bring you through a great meal in the perfect way.

In our home we like to eat. Most days my wife Helle cooks, and my responsibility is the music to go with our meals. I’m something of a playlist friend, and like to compile a new list for every new meal. There are, however, some songs that are absolute favourites and I think go better with a nice dinner than others. There are a few important boxes to tick:

  1. No real up tempo songs at the start of the meal
  2. Set the mood with some nice, quiet tunes
  3. Noisy guitars and screeching banshees should be saved for other occasions
  4. Be careful with dance tunes – you may play them after a certain times when the meal is drawing to a close

Following these simples rules I’ve compiled the playlist Music For Eating. It’s got a certain progression that hopefully will take the listeners through a meal full of great flavours and good vibes. We’re starting with some nice instrumental (mostly) jazz tunes, through a bit of bossa nova, then on to a bit of lightweight pop music, followed by some classic crooners and a little soul music, before playing some current stuff with a few nice beats, and finally, at the end of the meal, a few tunes that should go well with the mood at the end of a successful dinner where you feel like dancing.

Please enjoy!

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