Negroni with a bloody twist

Blood orange negroni - the best cocktail
The Negroni is a perfect balanced drink, so why screw with it? Well, it’s thursday and we found some blood oranges.

Negroni is a classic three component cocktail which has gotten a new renaissance the last couple of years. The Italian drink, consisting of equal parts gin, campari and sweet vermuth, was probably conceived in Florence around 1920. It’s a spin on the Americano which consisted of campari and sweet vermuth topped with soda and lemon peel. Count Camillo Negroni demanded more kick to his Americano and ordered it with gin instead of soda. Rosemary likes to play around so we did our own twist on the classic by adding juice from blood orange and clementine. The drink has already hit our Instagram and thanks to the great people over at the fabulous online magazine Just Cocktails, it now has an international flare. We suggests you try it too. Both the drink and the online magazine. Cheers!

Blood orange negroni
4 cl gin
4 cl Campari
4 cl sweet red vermuth
3 cl blood orange juice
1 cl clementine juice

Stir on ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with one big ice cube. Top with an orange twist (or a slice od blood orange).




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