Party at Pigalle

The fabulous Pigalle has just reopened!

The lovely bar that first opened back in 1965 have gotten a complete makeover, beyond recognition, but still in the gorgeous art deco-style it is known for. With the lovely Anne Maurseth running the bar, this will be the place to go for great cocktails. The cocktail menu is quite original with lots of drinks containing vegetables like sugar peas, pumpkin, beets and cucumber. – We had a lot of fun coming up with the menu as we also use lots of genever and cheezy liqueurs with for instant banana and coconut, Anne told us when we stopped by this weekend. Here is a taste, but be sure to swing by the bar if you’re in Oslo.

Cinderella’s über ride
4 cl Rogge Genever
1,5 cl Boudier passion fruit
4 cl caraway and ginger infused pumpkin syrup
2 cl lemon juice
4 cl IPA (India pale ale)

Stir genever, liqueur, syrup and lemon in a glass with ice. Top up with IPA and serve with crushed ice.



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