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It´s actually really easy to smoke your own food, you don´t need much more than your barbecue with a lid. You buy some wood shavings in specialist shops, like places that sell bbq´s – for instance Weber or Elkjøp, or in sport- and wildlife shops, or in some cases delicacy shops or well stocked supermarkets. But you don´t really need to go to the shop, chip your own shaving or use juniper bushes or herbs to make smoke when you put them on the coal. Different woods, bushes and herbs deliver different smoky flavors.


  • Make sure you use as little coal as you can, to ensure as big a distance between the heat and the food as possible.
  • Put shavings, bushes or herbs in a shallow bowl of aluminum or steel and place it on the coals. If you are using large wood chips or branches, you can place them directly on the coals.
  • Put the lid on the grill, you want to trap the smoke.
  • Add more shavings or bushes as they burn, to make more smoke and get more flavor. But be quick, to not loose heat.
  • Add more coals, too, so you can keep the heat high and cook the food properly.

Smoked mackerels
8 macerels, whole or filets with skin
2 lemons
salt and pepper
1-2 tps sugar
1-2 tps horseradish

Follow the instructions above when you light the grill. When it´s warm, add the wood shavings or branches, and put whole, gutted fish or filets on the grill, skin side down. Squeeze some lemon over, and sprinkle with salt, pepper, sugar, horseradish and chopped herbs. Put the lid on, and add smoke as you go along. After 10-20 minutes the fish should be cooked, depending on their size. Serve with potato salad and remoulade.

Herbal, smoked mackerels
6 whole mackerels
fresh lovage and tarragon
2 lemons
salt and pepper

Gut the fish but keep them whole. Cut the lemons in thin slices. Lay fresh lovage and tarragon on the work surface, add a layer of lemon slices. Put the fish on top, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Finish off with a new layer of lemon and herbs. Fasten with lots of rope. Lay on the grill under a lid, with high heat. Turn once. How long you need to keep it on the heat will depend on your heat and the size of the fish, but somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes. Serve with new potatoes, steamed cabbage and sour cream.

Smoked salmon
1 kg salmon filet with skin
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp salt
1 tbsp pepper
a bunch of dill

Remove all bones from the fish, and lay it skin side down on a plate. Add sugar, salt and finely chopped dill over, cover with cling film and keep refrigerated for at least 30 minutes. Make the grill ready for smoking as above, it´s important that you are able to keep the temperature low. Put the salmon on the grill, skin side down and add the lid. Add more wood shavings as they burn out. Cook the fish for about 2 hours. Serve warm or cold.

Smoked shell fish
Shellfish on the grill will automatically taste smoked, but if you add shavings you intensify the flavor. If you steam the mussels first, you can remove bad ones. Remove half the shell, and add some butter to the other half, and leave on the grill. Keep the lid on to catch the smoke. If you pour melted butter over the shells on the grill, it will create more smoke from the coals. Oysters, mussels and scallops.


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