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Since 2013 a small coffee shop at the top of Grünerløkka has gained reputation as the best of the best. We dropped by to check out what the fuss is all about.

– We can spot a coffee tourist the minute they step into sight, says Kevin Jo Hansen, one of four regular baristas at Supreme roastworks.

The reason for this quaint bit of talent, is that since the little coffee bar opened its doors, ever more aficionados from all over the world will travel all over the world in search of the best cup of coffee. And ever more of them find it just here, at the top of Grünerløkka in Oslo. It helps that the trendy magazine Kinfolk has listed the place in their Oslo-guide.

Not only tourists find their way here, this is definitely a preferred hang out for the Norwegian coffee elite, too. They know this is a place for coffee brewed to perfection, no matter your preference. And they know there will be new stuff to taste – always. The guys here don´t rest on their laurels.

The last group of customers that find their way to Supreme roastworks, is the normal coffee loving folks. But pretty much anyone who steps in the door here knows that this is a place for reverence. You don´t come here for an extra tall, caramel flavored macchiato.

As we dropped by for our morning coffee, a steady flow of people came in. Many were greeted by name, even more with a familiar “what would you like today?” At Supreme roastworks – or SRW between friends – there is no “the usual”. The selections are changed too frequently for that. Every day you can choose between two types of espresso, one filter and everything on the shelves for handbrew.

– For every 100 cups of filter or espresso we serve, we make about 10 hand brews. Some days, though, we stand 4 hours straight making V60s. It´s tiresome, but it´s what we do, says Simon Alteblad.

He is the second of the four regular baristas. The other two are not working today. Behind the baristas is the trio of owners: Joar Christoffersen, Magnus Lindskog and Odd Steinar Tøllefsen. They opened this place in 2013, after serving the restaurant and coffee business with specialist coffee from their roastery with the same name, launched in 2008. The roastery is still very much operational, but it has been the coffee shop that shot the trio to world fame. This – luckily – does not make them aloof. They often work here, especially now that they have a coffee roaster on site to play with, and when they do, they are only too happy to talk about their favorite subject. Coffee.

Supreme roastworks
Thorvald Meyers gate 18

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  • Astrid says:

    There are then the special approaches of brewing the beans.

    The best coffee requires light, fertile volcanic soil, abundant
    rainfall, some cloud cover, warm temperatures, very little wind, sunny mornings, rainy afternoons and the purest air.
    On the decorative side the game fails to impress with not enough
    options and little extras you would expect to

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