Taptails to the people

At the happening music festival Øya in Oslo, they are serving up some fabulous cocktails on tap.

Our friends at Himkok and Behind Bars have worked hard with Bacardí to bring some seriously good, well crafted cocktails to the people. Fast. On tap. And with a brand new bar built in a container, they are serving up six different Bacardi-cocktails, all totally delicious. If you have your Øya-pass and get to enter the guest area, make sure to stop by and try the new concept. If you are stuck at home or live somewhere else, try making a classic Cuba Libre this weekend. It’s the perfect, late summer drink!


Cuba Libre
2 wedges of lime
1 part (4 cl) Bacardí Carta Oro
2 parts (8 cl) cola

Fill a longdrink glass with ice. Squeeze and drop in lime wedges. Add the rum and chilled cola. Stir gently and serve.




Disclaimer: Rosemary was invited to this event by Bacardí, but are not getting paid to write about this.

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