The real food fashionista

A top model with a sugar addiction? Oh, yes! Meet Daisy Lowe.

– I love femininity and have learned to appreciate my curves, says the tall, but curvy model when we meet up with her in London. She also loves food. And her Aga cooker, the cool heat storage oven that was developed in Sweden back in 1922. She has taken a break from London fashion week to speak about her love for food at the first Aga festival.


– The Aga cooker has a central part in my kitchen. A house isn’t a home before you put the heart in, she laughs. She says she got her love for food and cooking from her mom which often gathered people around for Sunday roast. Her upbringing was quit nontraditional growing up “amid the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll chaos that was her mother Pearl’s life in Camden”, according to the Evening Standard, but the joy of good food and baking was something Daisy brought out of her childhood. Now, with a great modeling career, acting gigs and her own cookbook, Daisy invites all her friends over to join her for Sunday supper.

– My favorite dish to cook in the Aga is risotto. It’s so easy when you don’t have to stir.

Daisy is a busy woman and her go-to dish on those crazy days is baked potato. She washes it, stabs it, rubs it with oil and season it with salt and pepper. Then she tosses it into the oven and let it sit for awhile while she does other stuff. According to her, it comes out perfect every time. Baked augbergines stuffed with tomatoes and ricotta, roasts and bolognese made into a pie topped with sweet potato are some of her other favorites.

– I spend a lot of time cooking, and would rather cook than go out, she says.

Her book Sweetness & Light is a result of finding recipes that will fulfill her sweet tooth without the refined white sugar as she both wants and needs to be healthy. The book contains 60 healthy treats that are easy to make. We at Rosemary’s were swept away and will now hopefully transform into supermodels by changing our diet a bit. Not! But some of the treats will definitely be tested out. Let’s start with Daisy’s favorite: The sticky toffee pudding.


Eat well. Life is sweet.




Facsimile of Sweetness & Light by Daisy Lowe (Food photos by Ali Allen, portraits by Guy Aroch) Quadrille Publishing Limited
We were at the Aga festival in London courtesy of Aga International.

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