Wooden grace

A fathers love for wood and a daughters guts to realize her vision, resulted in Herriot Grace.

When Nikole Herriott moved away from home, almost all the way across Canada, she and her father started to send each other packages. Lance Herriotts packages often included wooden spoons he had made himself from wood he has collected over the years. Nikole, loving the little handmade gifts, soon realized that these wooden treasures also would be appreciated by others and the idea of the webshop was born. Today, three years since they started, they sell an array of handcarved and hand turned objects like spoons, bowls, dishes, cheese boards, rolling pins and plates through Herriott Grace. They also have included ceramic pieces and handmade kitchen linens. They ship world wide, so you can easily get your hands on one of the unique pieces. Check out the web shop.

Pictures from the web shop/blog taken by Nikole Herriott:



Photographer John Cullen made a short documentary about Lance and Nikole Herriott on the day he retired. See it on Vimeo.




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